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Renaissance and
English Literature


The Furness Shakespeare Collection at the University of Pennsylvania offers digital reproductions of various editions of the works of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Christopher Marlowe, and dozens of others. The site also offers a set of tutorials for studying Shakespeare in a historical context.

This site on Shakespeare and the Renaissance, built by Anniina Jokinen, offers information and critical essays on several genres, as well as biographies of individual authors.

Canada's University of Victoria provides links to a wide variety of online Renaissance resources, particularly in the area of Shakespeare studies.

Terry Gray of Palomar College created this thorough, annotated guide to the internet's scholarly offerings on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Part of the Voice of the Shuttle site run by Alan Liu, this page provides links to a variety of journals, criticism, newsgroups, and listservs


The University of Toronto offers a searchable archive of the full text of several English Renaissance books and manuscripts, as well as links to other sites

Part of the Perseus Project at Tufts University, this contains a collection of works by Hakluyt, James I, Bacon, and Sidney, as well the complete works of Marlowe and Shakespeare. A few secondary sources are also available


Although Eugene Tillyard's interpretation of the
Elizabethan period is now often seen as overly simplistic, this remains a classic and useful text for understanding English Renaissance ideas and culture.

Carrolly Erickson's biography of Elizabeth I provides useful background for readers of the literature written during her reign.

This anthology, edited by John Hollander and Frank Kermode, is an excellent introduction to the major works of the period.

Stephen Greenblatt's classic work considers selfhood and culture in the work of Shakespeare, Marlowe, More, Tyndall, and Wyatt.

Samuel Schoenbaum's comprehensive and scholarly biography of Shakespeare includes facsimile reproductions of several documents from the period.

This anthology, edited by Margo Hendricks and Patricia Parker, offers interdisciplinary perspectives on race and gender in Renaissance literature.


Special Selections

Shakespeare in Performance

The official site of the new Globe Theatre in London offers a virtual tour of Shakespeare's theater as well as a complete schedule of performances.

Terry Gray of Palomar College provides links to a vast number of Shakespeare festivals and playhouses devoted to Shakespearean performance in North America and Britain


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