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The leading academic websites reviewed and catalogued by university experts.
An Introduction to Islam
From the Exploring Ancient World Cultures project sponsored by the University of Evansville, this page contains a useful introductory essay on Islam written by Mohammed I. Hussain.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Islam
From the Catholic Encyclopedia, this page offers a brief overview of the concept of Islam and explains the grammatical derivation of the word from the regular intransitive stem of the Arabic verb salima.
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Created by Paul Halsall of Fordham University, the Internet Islamic Sourcebook offers extensive bibliographies, maps, primary and secondary sources, and internet links on a variety of topics relating to the history of Islam.
Introduction to Islam
From the Middle East Institute, this site offers an exhaustive overview of Islam written by M. Cherif Bassiouni of DePaul University.
Islam 101
From, this site provides access to a collection of introductory articles on Islam, its origin, history and doctrine.
Islam in Comparative Context: Online Resources
Created at the University of California, Berkeley, this site serves as a gateway to online resources on Islam in a comparative context, featuring a range of information on social and cultural topics.
Islam: Empire of Faith (PBS)
From PBS, this rich site provides a range of information on Islam intended to serve as an internet supplement to the PBS film The Making of Islam: Empire of Faith, produced by Robert Gardner.
Islamic Studies Website: Islam, Arabic and Religion
Created by Professor Alan Godlas of the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia, this excellent site contains a variety of educational resources on Islamic Studies.
Islamicity: Understanding Islam and Muslims
This visual guide from Islamicity provides basic information on Muslim belief and practice. Its text draws on a publication of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
MENALIB: Middle East Virtual Library
The Middle East Virtual Library contains the ALMISBAH database, a comprehensive annotated database of online resources on the Middle East and Islam, as well as information on offline resources. It is a project of the State- and University Library Saxony-Anhalt in Halle, Germany.
Medieval Sourcebook: Islam
Created by Paul Halsall for the Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies, the Internet Medieval Sourcebook offers extensive bibliographies, maps, primary and secondary sources, and internet links on a variety of topics relating to medieval history.
Middle East Insight: The New Geopolitics
This superb map focuses on Afghanistan and surrounding countries but also provides population, religion, ethnic and government statistics for many countries in Asia and North Africa. It appeared as part of the January 2002 edition of Middle East Insight.
Muslim or Islamic Traditions Gateway
Compiled by Gene Thursby of the University of Florida, this page serves as a gateway to a range of internet resources devoted to Islam.
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia: The Religion of Islam
This site offers extensive materials on Islam from the perspective of the Islamic Affairs Department of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. It contains numerous articles, audio and video archives, and materials in Spanish and Arabic.
The Islamic Calendar
From the University of Pittsburgh, this page presents an overview of the history and structure of the Islamic calendar.
The Islamic Interlink
The Islamic Interlink project is an attempt to catalog and index Islamic content on the web. The site is usefully divided into thematic categories ranging from architecture to theology.
The Islamic World to 1600
Created by Erica Fraser of The University of Calgary in Canada, this site serves as a multimedia introduction to the first millennium of Islamic history. It outlines Muslim beliefs and practices, as well as the history of the Islamic world from the 7th to the 17th centuries, including the expansion of the Islamic empires of Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Virtual Hajj
This striking site offers a guide to the stages and rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage. Princeton University hosts the resource.
Voice of the Shuttle: Islamic Resources
Compiled by Alan Liu of the University of California, Santa Barbara, this page from the Voice of the Shuttle gateway provides access to a variety of internet resources on Islam.
World of Islam: Overview
From the Muslim Students' Association of the University of Southern California, this page contains an overview of Islamic religion, culture, and science.
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